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Good, I'm not seeing any hands up!! Who we choose to love and be with; who we choose to date and maybe marry; who we choose to have children. And, more importantly, we need to do what we love doing, and what we feel is our part in the world. As some women, as you saw from the story above, can become attached, delusional, obsessed Maybe your life is not so bad after all! Black escorts escortd


The way I see it, safety is important. In my more than seven years of being a male escort, one thing I've been shocked to find is that there are so many women, particularly in their late 30's, 40's, and 50's, who may have had an average of sexual partners in their lifetime, and who have never used a condom before Not everyone of course!

But more than one would expect. I've found this quite surprising.. To have many women's first experience of sex with a condom to be with me, and a bit later in their life than one would imagine. Maybe part of the reason for this happening is that, until recently around the last decade , unfortunately sex education in schools has been sub-standard.. I was starting secondary school in the early 's, and in those days, sex education in school, both primary and secondary school, was almost non-existent..

At the time an STD was simply known as a long distance phone call! Though back then the earliest modern mobile phones were just hitting the market, and Motorola flip-phones were all the go.. So it was a while ago..

Thankfully, it is developing more now in the school curriculum. Or maybe it's because of Australia's drinking culture.. From the stories I've heard, almost all of the time when too much alcohol is involved, the idea of safe sex, especially for males, but sometimes for females as well, goes straight out the window.

Sometimes even just 2 or 3 drinks can be enough!.. And that's definitely not a good thing! For some women, for all different reasons, the idea of having sex with a male escort can be a difficult choice, because of past experiences.

Thankfully in choosing to see me, you can know that you're in safe hands. And definitely one of the hardest things is when a client falls in love with me.. Or thinks they've fallen in love with me. I am professional in my work, and I am genuine in portraying my personality..

I love to please, I love to help others, I am very kind, friendly, and maybe unfortunately, in some cases, very easy to love. Over the years I have had quite a few women develop feelings for me.. And one might even think 'hey, that's good for business then? My business is to be a massage therapist, escort, companion, sexual therapist, someone to talk to about personal things, and someone to share fun times and intimacy with.

Many different things, but I am definitely not charging money for love! And I don't like having clients develop feelings for me that may make me become more of a negative influence in their life than a positive influence!

People trust me enough to let me into their personal space, to be intimate, to share things about their life with me. I have a duty of care to make sure clients are kept safe, and are not at risk of becoming emotionally attached. I see many clients, and over the years I would have come across as many different personality types as a full-time psychologist. As well as increased fees, and other measures, one of these ways is to only allow bookings with a client once per month at the most.

Here's something that happened, that I learned from. I made the mistake, over a year ago, of letting one client book me often more than once per month, and this continued for a year..

Usually I don't allow bookings of more than once per month, due to the risk of some clients falling in love with me.. But she assured me she knew what she was doing Along the way she assured me that she wasn't falling in love with me, and that she understood that she was a client, and I was her escort.

Then I realised she was actually in love with me, and had to cancel seeing her.. And she actually asked for all her money back, saying that she wasn't satisfied.. Because she thought we were in a relationship!

That she knew she had to pay me each time she saw me, but that we were in a relationship, and that she was not a client..

She had told me all along that she understood the situation.. I didn't know that she would become delusional.. I told her I'm sorry she felt that way, but of course my money-back policy only applies to a single booking, and I don't have any unsatisfied clients.. Then she went and told some of her friends, and others, about her story, and how she was heartbroken and everything, and now often I'll get upset texts and emails saying how she thinks I'm a 'thief' for charging money for love.. And messaging me saying she loves me and 'knows' that we will 'get back together.

If only I knew she felt that way, I would have terminated her bookings much earlier! What has prompted me to post this blog and share with you, is that now it seems she is messaging a lot of people who have 'liked' posts on my facebook page, saying that she is 'reaching out to them to help them'..

I mean, mate, unbelievable. Messaging random people with her stories of heartache? I mean, what is it with delusional women and facebook stalking?? As well as that, she has become heartbroken and with mixed up feelings, because she loved me so much and can't deal with the fact that I can't see her anymore, that she can only deal with it by now hating me.. And she is telling people she knows, and others she doesn't know, how she thinks I'm a 'thief' and that I 'charge money for love'..

So for anyone who she may have spoken to, I need to set the story straight! I feel partly at fault, because I shouldn't have made that mistake of letting her see me so often, and I should have seen the signs of her falling in love with me sooner, and terminated bookings.

I really don't like sharing the above story, but I needed to show an example of what can happen if I don't manage properly which clients I can not see.. Rest assured, I am very confidential and discreet, and would never reveal any personal details of anyone at all, so while I feel sharing the above story is a bit personal for the client involved.. Her identity, or anything about who she is, would never be revealed to anyone!!!

If anyone asks me the smallest detail of the above story, I would not share the slightest bit of information. Thankfully, situations like this rarely arise.. As most of the time if a client develops feelings for me, she tells me.. And then we can say hey, what is best for you, should you stop seeing me, or should you manage your feelings, and continue to enjoy seeing me?

If you do develop feelings for me that shouldn't be there, they will not be reciprocated, so you must decide whether you're in an emotionally fit place to see me. I love to be a positive part of people's lives..

For however long it is - whether it is a few years, a few months, a few bookings, or even a single booking. When it's time for you to stop seeing me, I want to encourage you to spread your wings, and move on, a stronger, happier, and brighter person from having seen me!

Some clients will try and worm their way into my personal life.. Big mistake, your bookings will be terminated. One has to understand, that while I am providing a very personal service, and getting to know you intimately.. I have my own personal life, which is not a part of my working life.. One has to respect that boundary between my personal life and my work, and not try to cross it. If I do see someone falling in love with me, I have to terminate ever seeing them again..

As some women, as you saw from the story above, can become attached, delusional, obsessed My job is to provide people with intimacy, someone to talk to, whatever you are looking for.. To provide the intimacy you may be looking for, in a discreet and safe way.. But not to get married and fall in love.. I have to stop seeing anyone who I deem as being not in a healthy emotional state to see me. A woman's heart is a precious and wonderful thing, not something to ever be played with!

When you are intimate with someone, it can be normal to develop some feelings.. As long as in this situation you realise the context, and put things into perspective here.

A lot of women love seeing me, and love the time they spend with me. That doesn't mean that they love me. Even if you feel excited to see me, and look forward to it, that's a good thing, and it's good to look after yourself, and do things that you enjoy. But if you find yourself developing feelings for me that you can't control, please, talk to me about it, and decide whether you can continue seeing me or not.

Because, after all, I want what is best for you! Thankyou, to CFA volunteer firefighters. There hasn't been too many fires across Victoria this summer, though there was one large bushfire near and around Wye river near Lorne , along the Great Ocean Road.

It was out of control for quite a while, and over christmas, and destryoted more than homes: Thankfully, no lives were lost in the Wye river fire, and the emergency evacuation procedures ran smoothly.

It took many firefighters to help get the fires under control, and much effort on behalf of firefighters and their families.

My heart goes out to anyone who lost their homes and businesses in the fire, or who were under threat from the fire. And, I'd like to send out a big Thankyou to all the CFA firefighters, who volunteer their time, and go in harm's way, to help others. I went for a drive along the Great Ocean Road past Wye river, in January, soon after the road was re-opened..

And driving past all the fire affected area, I thought how it's lucky that no one was hurt. I'd also like to thank anyone who was driving along the Great Ocean Road after it was re-opened, and followed the advice of the authorities and the media to not stop in certain places along the road, and to not take photos of burned areas near houses, to share on social media..

Imagine, someone who had lost their house seeing someone else posting a photo of the rubble left where they used to live..

So thankyou to all who didn't take photos. It's a wonderful thing that you do! If anyone knows a volunteer firefighter, please respect what they do, and give them a big Thankyou. There were a lot of other small fires, that were put out by CFA firefighters before they became a threat to farms, homes, and communities, that most people didn't even know was there, so they are providing a much needed service.

While the risk of fire is over for now, make sure that if you are travelling into country areas next summer, or communities where bushfire might be a risk, that you travel safe yes, as well as having safe sex, it's important to travel safe! On the bright side, there is a good-news story from the Wye river bushfires. A couple who had lost their home in the fire, had their cat, Muppet, return home 24 days later.

As they would have thought Muppet was gone, this would have been a very welcome relief to find that he was alive, and okay: Autumn to Winter… to Spring and Summer, again.

The evolution of our lives follows the four Seasons. And just as each Season brings with it variations not only in temperature but in the type of weather we experience, our moods and outlook on life can be changeable. We can reach the highest pinnacles, we can descend into troughs. We can have summer sunshine on bright, endless dry days; the heat evaporating the moisture from the air, drying out the land. And, even though the days are occasionally interspersed with times of light, refreshing rain, the sky is mainly clear, with only some white clouds dancing across the flawless blue canvas.

We can have cool autumn days with the chill of the impending winter evident; perpetually falling russet leaves stockpiling in the corners of our streets and roads. Feelings of nostalgia for the long summer days just gone; feelings of expectation as we begin to adapt to the changing landscape. Chilly winter days with the wind whispering through the gables of our home, bringing more frequent rain to nourish and rejuvenate the previously dry earth. And, depending on where we live, maybe a brilliant white snow shower or two; leaving just a sprinkling of fine white powder or maybe even blanketing the landscape as far as the eye can see.

Until the first few signs of a new spring are evident; initial blooming of small flowers which have been in winter hibernation; sounds and sights of small mammals reactivating their lives; the relatively pale spring sunshine starting to warm all the surfaces it can touch.

And we meander in to summer days once again. Whilst the cycles of our lives continue, more and more we hanker for the halcyon days gone by. We seem to cherish past events with greater verve as our memories dim about what the event or landmark happening in question was really like or about. We find ourselves rejoicing in past events, or forever dwelling on things which, in no circumstances, can be changed or altered, as they have already happened —whilst we are not always focussing fully on the future, or the present moment!

For some reason, at the end of our cycle around the sun; the twelve month lunar cycle we call a year, and at the beginning of the new cycle, we invariably set aside time to reflect on the previous year and all the things which have happened—both good and bad.

We usually reminisce about the highlights of the year, and commiserate on the downs. We also look ahead and, most of us at least, make wishes and promises or resolutions about what we would like to do in the coming twelve months; about some of the things we wish for and also what we promise to do for ourselves. For a short period of time, all of the positiveness we believe can bring to our lives abounds and we are full of good intentions for the next twelve months.

Yet, once the rhythm of the year, our work patterns and routines become settled again, more often than not we invariably forget about our good intentions and plans to revitalise ourselves and our lives; we lose sight of what is needed to make positive changes to the way we live and, most of all, to help us get out of the proverbial rut! Not that it is easy to make changes, we all know that. It seems to me that the things people wish for or are concerned about the most can be easily categorised into three clear, key areas: In short, the will to change just has to be there.

Conversely, I meet so many people who are not in relationships, yet who long to be, and promise themselves that the next twelve months will be the time that they rectify this situation.

Yes, we all probably start the next twelve months as we do every year with good intentions. And once you've decided something you want to do - stick to it.

You can do it! I hope you're having a wonderful start to the new year. Every day is here to be enjoyed, so why not make the most of it? I've been a bit delayed over the holiday season, but I've finally published my most recent photos that I had taken last month. Stay tuned for my next blog in a few weeks, but for now, feel free to have a look at my photos by clicking below. Leo the Love Doctor. Click here to visit my Gallery page. Wake up and smell the roses. Even me, occasionally, I must admit!!

Or maybe you have bigger stresses to contend with. Though nothing is ever as bad as you think. Things always get better. But there is more to it than this: Life is good and can be very fulfilling: Make sure you have your rose cutters ready! Just a short blog entry to let everyone know that I've just last week had my full STI screening that I have every three to four months, and the results are clear, as have always been and will always continue to be.

Unfortunately STI screening for escorts in Victoria is not mandatory at all.. I get checked because I like to know I am safe, and like to be able to let everyone else know. Protecting my health, and your health, is important. And yes that is a lot of money to spend on condoms, but I only use the best. I like to be able to let you know that you are in safe hands. Some people use euphemisms or slang words to describe those parts of our anatomies which we were all born with.

Other people go all coy when the topic of sex comes up in a conversation; some avert their gaze and maybe even have a slight flush of embarrassment in their cheeks. Sex has always been something that some people talk about, some people don't talk about.. I think sex is a private thing, to be cherished. And no one has to talk about it if they dont want to.. But I think it is important to talk about sex with your partner. Whether you are in a relationship, or seeing someone that you aren't in a relationship with, whatever your situation..

If you and your partner both talk about what you like, what you don't like.. What, when, and where you feel like doing something Communication is the key, and it will help your relationship, or partnership, blossom!! In any event, sexual acts and the reproduction processes are, without doubt, a fundamental part of human life; they are something we are born to do; the desire for sex is inbuilt—admittedly though to varying degrees.

And one could be surprised by the range of sexual options, fetishes, demands and so on available for anyone who wants them. The human imagination when it comes to new ways to package the sex act s is, quite simply, amazing.

With such huge diversity in the nature of people in this human race of ours, it stands to reason that there has to be uncountable tastes and likes and dislikes amongst the general population. Yet, even within the parameters of normal sex, certain aspects are still relatively stigmatised—especially for some women. The thinking and attitudes of past generations are still clouding the views of the more liberated, younger ones.

Sure, to be fair, receiving oral sex is not for every woman. However, once many women come to realise that her lover can reach parts of her genitals or stimulate areas that a penis cannot, they often wonder why they have waited so long to experience such an experience! Have you been cyber-bullied? Have you been cyber-bullied recently? I have been cyber-bullied for a fair while now, and now a few people who are friends with me on facebook have been bullied as well..

Please read on if anyone has messaged you who shouldn't have Anyone who has been bullied knows what it's like.. It happens to children, teenagers, adults, in workplaces, and online. I'm not ashamed to admit that when I was in high school I was bullied.. In my case I wore glasses and was a bit of a nerd.. I'd be picked last in gym class and group activities, and always eating lunch by myself. It only lasted a year or two, but for some it can last much longer.

Just being different in the slightest way to other people can make someone a target. Though what did bullying do to me? It was very hurtful at the time.. But a few years on from then so more than ten years ago now I realised that the bullies are the ones who have issues.. They are the ones not normal. That was years ago, and now I'm stronger than ever and no one can stand in my way.

I've taken direction in my life, and doing what I feel is the right thing for me to do, and enriching people's lives. Though, unfortunately, not everyone likes that. While I have done a blog piece in the past about seeing an independent male escort or a male escort agency, I didn't think I'd end up having to write this blog about an escort agency.

And no, I'm not going to name any names on here, or to anyone who asks anything! The only people to be given your name will be the police, if anyone would like to get in touch with me and press charges against the bully.

Okay, so in a nutshell, male escort agencies catering for women have started to pop up all over Australia's major cities in the last few years. They've seen the successes of some independent male escorts, and they want to captitalise on that. But at the expense of who? Now, I am definitely not down-playing all male escort agencies here!!

And not naming anyone. I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to cause trouble with anyone.. I don't like arguments..

And I certainly don't like innocent people being emotionally abused and blackmailed. Through facebook, text messages, and phone calls Mrs Stalker-bully owns a kind of unofficial?

She sent someone to pretend to love me, to lie, try to manipulate me, and promise me things. To shut me down and have me work for her. Why would I do that? I'm an honest, independent person, who works for myself, for the good of other people.. Pray, tell me, why would one of Melbourne's kings decide to become a slave to someone who thinks she is a queen? Now, she has resorted to messaging people on my facebook friends list who she expects are clients.

I mean, come on. Not only bullying and threatening those who have been contacted, which is unacceptable.. But also recommending to them male escorts who work for her! How's that for smart business? I'm being sarcastic by the way, it's very immature! She is calling, text messaging, many many times, and telling stories about me that I even find hard to believe. Making disgusting rumours, and threatening people. If you have had messages or phone calls, please ignore her, and contact me.

It's disgusting what she is doing, and she needs to stop. And like I said above, if anyone wants to press charges with the police, let me know. Threatening someone is punishable by law. I've taken the step just now of making my facebook friends list hidden to everyone.

As I like to share posts on there that everyone can enjoy, but nobody should be bullied for being a friend on facebook. Nobody should be bullied at all! Do you like it deep? Everyone likes things in different ways. And, of course, not every time needs to be the same; people like to be flexible, have choices, like some variation. Sometimes when I meet people they like it deep and sensuous; yet, at other times, they want me to take it s-l-o-w… s-l-o-w and soft and gentle.

No matter which way you choose, the end result is always the same: Just in case you didn't know, I'm talking about massage What did you think I was talking about? I love to pay close attention to every part of your body, making you feel relaxed and wonderful, all over. You let me know whether you would like a deep massage, light massage, or anywhere inbetween..

Or just let me go with the flow.. I'll know what you want. At the end of the day, though, it really depends on you: Let me Escort you. Many people simply need other people in their lives.

Whether it be for companionship, friendship, love and affection or just to have someone to be there for them when times are bad or hard, the primary reasons for two people being a couple vary.

Naturally, as time goes on, the physical side of many relationships declines whilst, often, the mental, deeper, relationship flourishes. Perhaps the children have grown up and gone to University or left home to build their own lives. Perhaps the woman has gone back to work if she put a career on hold to have children; maybe the man has reached a point in his own career where he is senior enough to be letting his staff do most of the work… and spending more time with his wife.

Sounds like the sort of things dreams are made of. Happy wife and happy husband. A solid relationship, good partnership. But what about all of those ladies who no longer have a partner? Whose marriage or partnership has broken up when, maybe, they are in their late 30s, 40s or even 50s.

Possibly through no fault of their own. Maybe they and their former spouse or partners simply knew each other too long and drifted apart or grew away from each other. Or found that, in their late years they were no longer compatible. Who do they turn to for love and affection; for companionship? Where do they look for someone to be there when they need. To listen and empathise; to understand and comfort? About the result of an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey into Happiness in the people of Melbourne..

And saying with a chuckle, that according to the averages in the survey, if men want to be happy then they should be married. And that if women want to be happy then they shouldn't be married.

And, sometimes, even after bright beginnings, new relationships fade owing to all different factors. One major problem that a lot of people find with dating - and I have personally heard many stories directly in relation to dating, especially internet dating - is that often two people may meet, and hit it off at first, but then find out that they are both looking for different things..

Sometimes the woman may be looking for a relationship, and the man just wants sex. Or the woman and the man may be both looking to just have sex, and then either of them feels they would like to develop what they have into a more permanent relationship.. Sometimes the man may want a relationship, and the woman doesn't. Some find they are contacted by a partner they were dating, when they've let them know that they no longer want contact.

It can be a jungle out there! On the other hand, she may not want to find a new long term partner. In either case, enter Dr Leo. Let me escort you. For as short or as long or as short a time as you want, I can be there for you. With millions of copies sold, and translated into more than 80 languages, it is a really inspitrational book.

And learning the power of following your dreams. While it contains many many inspirational passages, quotes, and themes, here is just one little piece taken from a part of the book: Leafing through the pages, he found a story about Narcissus. The alchemist knew the legend of Narcissus, a youth who knelt daily beside a lake to contemplate his own beauty. He was so fascinated by himself that, one morning, he fell into the lake and drowned.

At the spot where he fell, a flower was born, which was called the narcissus. But this was not how the author of the book ended the story. He said that when Narcissus died, the goddesses of the forest appeared and found the lake, which had been fresh water, transformed into a lake of salty tears. The lake was silent for some time. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.

It is lovely, isn't it? The daffodil belongs to the genus of plants called Narcissus. There are many different colours and varieties, all of them beautiful. With my health and your health being important to me, I'm always as safe as can be when having sex.

That's why when I see you, you know you're in safe hands. Not just safe hands in general, but safe hands in terms of health. I have a full screening for sexually transmitted diseases every three to four months, for my peace of mind, and yours.

Just letting you know that I've had my last check-up last week, and the results are all clear as they always have been, and as I ensure they always will be. So you can relax, knowing that you're safe with me. You know sometimes how we all get down, feel unhappy or moody sometimes? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Whatever it is, I have come to learn to accept that no matter how much of an optimist you might be, no matter how positive you try to be about life and its foibles, its up and downs, there will still always be times when you feel a little low.

Nothing unusual in that; but the trick is not to let all of these negative or advise things unduly bother you! Well, for me, one thing I love to do to relax my mind, and feel better, is to focus on nature. I observe, look at and listen to some of the wonders of nature; some of the things which we take for granted but are an integral part of any life-cycle. We are all a part of nature and the universe, and sometimes it really pays to pay attention to the wonders of it's majesty, and realise how we all fit in to it all.

Here are just 5 amazing things we can experience, pay attention to, and also use as healing, if you will, in times when we may feel down: Make hay while the sun shines: Be what you want to be. Almost everyone goes through their lives following well-established norms, conventions, rules and regulations and laws; living their lives within their own routines, plans and foibles.

Humans, in general, have been extremely adept at excluding or belittling other humans simply on the basis of skin colour, language or creed. So much so that I often ask myself the questions: Are we not all humans from the same place of birth our mothers , and with the same biology? Happily, though, as societies become increasingly liberal and more open-minded there will be, and is, less discrimination and less need to conform—plus, hopefully, more opportunities for free expression.

After all, if truth be told, we have no higher authority than ourselves! What would you change? For most people, life is a series of adventures—or, in some cases, misadventures! Put it down to inexperience or naivety if you wish but, on reflection, many of the decisions you made when you were in the age range I mention above usually have a serious, material impact on the rest of our lives—and yet often they were taken relatively lightly.

Who we choose to love and be with; who we choose to date and maybe marry; who we choose to have children with. Decisions almost certainly made from an emotional perspective, with the heart ruling the more logical brain. Emotions sweeping over you and taking you into the arms of the one you loved…, yet, with neither of you with no real thought about the practicalities of the situation, no clear, definite plan for the future together.

So, fast forward years and time to sit down, pause and reflect on your life. Did you make good decisions concerning your romance, your love life, your affairs of the heart? Still, everyone has their own story so why not take five minutes and ask yourself: And while we can't go back in time, you can use the thoughts of what you could have changed, maybe even jot them down, to help shape where you're at now. To make a better today, and tomorrow.

Go on, pamper yourself now and then! Many of you know me and the way I think. Amongst other things, I strongly believe in equality for all and that you should never pre-judge anyone you meet. Some of the people I meet have had tough lives, fraught with difficult times, challenges and strokes of bad luck. Others maybe have had relatively good lives until one day something quite dramatic happened and their cosy, comfortable world turned almost literally upside down.

From being young and having plenty of time on our hands to becoming adults and, seemingly, forever chasing our shadows: I always think females give more than most, especially when they have a young family, although older families ie teenage children can be equally as demanding sometimes; many women end up having to give their all for others and there are constant demands on their time from husbands, partners, children, work to be done both at home and maybe in the office.

Write this into your diary if you keep one, or enter it into your Outlook calendar if you use your laptop a lot; or just simply jot it down on a notepad which you keep handy, and keep this period free and clear.

Such periods might be simply some retail therapy or a nail manicure; a workout at the gym, an hour with a good book—or you might just as well write: Whatever you choose, the underlying point is that you need time for you; a time to chill and pamper yourself—we all do! So what are you waiting for… go and make your plan! Do you want to be a star?

Almost all of us, at some time or another, have dreamed of being a star. We would see or hear about sports personalities, or famous singers, or actors or actresses who all seemed to live charmed lives. They seemed to have everything—fame, money and all of the trappings of a seriously successful life—and, naturally, many of us aspired to be just like them.

If you think back, more than likely, at some point in your life you thought: Then, as we matured, other things caught our attention and, perhaps, we began to focus on a career or a family.

We also learned that being a very public star in the media or cinema or the sports world is not for everyone—and can, in fact, be overly challenging and often highly stressful, especially if you have to live every moment of your life in the glare of fame.

After all, no matter, even famous people are people profound but true! We can be famous and well appreciated by those that we know. After all, think about all of the joy and happiness you have brought to your parents as you were growing up; learning to speak, read, doing well at school, possibly even performing in a school play or two, or maybe playing a musical instrument. What about your partner or close friends or work colleagues? How many times have you helped them, been there for them; maybe assisting them through their bad times, sharing and enjoying the good times?

It struck me the other day as I was just travelling around that the stereotypical view certainly held by many men is that all most women think about from a very early age is finding a man of their dreams, getting married and having children.

In some cases these ladies put their careers first; in some cases these ladies want more out of life than settling down in their early to mid-twenties into day-to-day, routine living, maybe start a family.

Not through any fault of their own, mind you. And why not, especially as there are, on the other side of the coin, many men who choose to live this sort of lifestyle.

You don't need to look for your "Mr Right. Though don't feel that you need a man to "complete" you - You are a unique, individual, and amazing person just as you are. When the time is right, you'll know when it is. And what will be will be: If you are someone who is looking for their "Mr Right," just relax and be patient in your search. Enjoy life as it is now..

Until then, enjoy each day, enjoy being single, enjoy being you! Everyone is on their own journey. As you can imagine, I come across all sorts of people in my daily life; some acquaintances, some friends but, mainly, clients.

I get to hear about their joys and triumphs; their hopes and wishes; their sadness and despair; their good times and bad times. I am no longer surprised by what I do hear or see. I am no longer shocked at some of the misfortunes I am told about. Fortunately, I have never been judgemental. In my view, respect and tolerance is due to all people as, unless you are actually them, you do not really know what they have been through, what they are currently going through.

I do my best to help, and I believe my clients know that, but, as I have said in earlier blogs, I am not yet a qualified counsellor or medical practitioner.

Still, it does give me immense joy to see how many of my clients do recover some of their self confidence or self esteem after being with me for a few times. I know I make a positive difference to their lives, and this is reward enough for me! Just a reminder, that I am Very Discreet. Confidentiality is very important, and of course I understand that. You can rest assured knowing that anything you tell me about yourself, or the very fact that I have visited you, is kept totally private, and what we share is our little secret: I am a very honest and trustworthy person, and many clients have shared very personal things with me You can trust me to give you a wonderful time, with absolute discretion.

Being very discreet, I expect the same from you. Privacy is very important, and for the sake of my clients, as well as myself, I need to keep my identity a secret. My name is Leo, I have created that name more than six years ago, and that is my name as your male escort, and always will be. My family don't know that I am an escort, neither do all except a few of my most closest and trusted friends, or the people in my local community.

How do I manage that? Don't worry, I have it covered: I am a very private person, as I am a professional in this industry, and privacy is important. When someone sees me in the street, or in the supermarket, they know me by my other name, and wouldn't have a clue that I'm Leo, and that's how I like it, and how it must be.

If you are lucky enough to know more about who I am, I am eternally grateful to you for keeping my identity secret Let me be your Secret Lover For anyone who hasn't been reading my blog, I do look after my health, and take safety very seriously.

Safe sex is a must, as health is important. My health is important, and the health of everyone I see. I also have a full STI screening every three to four months, for your peace of mind, as well as mine.

The results of my recent test in the last few days are all clear. As they always should and will be. Do you take your health seriously? And you can rely on me to share with you a wonderful time, while both of us are kept safe: Do you have pets? As I have said in previous blogs, and as we all know, most people thrive on friendship, companionship… and love. Otherwise the world loses a bit of it's brightness. We all need the touch of someone else, at least from time to time.

For a multitude of reasons, and often through no fault of their own, some people are lacking this affection in their lives, or at least for a part of it. Though one thing that can make us less dependent upon other people, is having pets!

That's not at all to say that pets are mainly kept by people who don't have regular affection from other people Pets are for everyone!!! Families, single people, children Let's all enjoy the companionship of our pets: Well, I should say pets are for everyone who likes having one.

Not everyone likes pets Some people are allergic to some animals Some people just don't like having a cat or dog around the house Some people don't like cleaning fish-bowls, or feeding felines I must admit that even I am not too fond of the smell of mouse-pee It just doesn't do it for me.

How they know that you are having a good or bad time. The joys of having a dog include them always being welcoming and being there for you when you get home; usually, rarely changing their demeanour or character and, of course, being a great walking companion when you feel the need to get out and about to blow your cares away! Of course, in these modern times, pets are not limited to cats and dogs and many households even have pets such as hamsters or gerbils; an aquarium of fish; a pen of rabbits, or even something more exotic such as a snake or a lizard—all of which can be a great help in taking away the stresses and strains of the day and taking your mind off, perhaps, relationship, personal, and family issues which you may have been experiencing.

Outside of the home, horses are great companions, intelligent and fun to be with; plus, of course, you can ride them around as an enjoyable form of relaxation.

A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary? My dear friend Regina, with her adorable dog, Burma. Are you apprehensive about picking up the telephone and calling me or sending me an email?

Maybe nervous about our first meeting? Concerned about what I might think, say or be like when we meet? Rest assured that I have heard and seen it all before—and in any event I am non-judgemental, open minded and, according to my clients, a nice understanding person! Shy, perhaps, in the bedroom? Nothing to be worried about at all in that direction. But let me set your mind at ease, and give you some great, initial advice: Think of our meeting as our first date.

The excitement that you felt. The feelings of anticipation. Meeting me will be fundamentally no different—except that I am here to please you, to make you happy—you and only you.

As I said, I am non-judgemental and have a special way of making you feel good about yourself; of making you forget your worries and cares, have a wonderful time, and to feel much better for having done so. Someone to cuddle at night, and someone to wake up with. Whether you choose a platonic, friendship type of arrangement or something more spicy, I am yours to command; yours to do what I know will make you happy on that particular occasion we are together.

As for being intimate, you don't have to be shy in the bedroom. So, put all of your apprehension to one side and press the touch pad of the telephone and call me—or drop me an email. It's totally okay to be shy: Well, yes and no. Before we consider the above question further, one other thing to be considered is: On the other hand, even the most confident, outgoing, forward people have their moments when their confidence dries up, or they are stuck for words; or maybe even feel slightly embarrassed by the situation they find themselves in.

Some people find they are naturally shy, and that's okay. You can still be shy and confident: Others find shyness rarely occurs.. Neither is a better type of personality trait, and we should never compare ourselves to others. You are who you are - so be who you are! So, whilst it may not be in your character to be an outgoing extrovert, type of person, you don't need to go completely the opposite and be shy and withdrawn; find a nice balance.

Be confident in the abilities that you have; be confident in the way you present yourself, and always remember that, deep down, we are all the same. We all need to have food, shelter, clothing etc plus, of course, enough money to get by. We all long for love and signs of affection from those we call family and loved ones.

With meeting people as often as I do, I have seen many people who need to overcome hurdles and challenges regularly in their daily lives, often as a result of some misfortune they have suffered—and I always encourage them not to be shy in coming forward. Whether this is to do with problems associated with everyday living, talking about things, or even, perhaps, the first time meeting with me. The power of music. Almost all of us can relate some song or piece of music to an event or other occurrence in our lives.

Certain memories stay with us or reoccur from time to time, and these are often accompanied by memories of a favourite tune. It actually can work both ways. Conversely, often when people hear a certain song or tune, it brings back memories of what they were doing at the time or immediate recollections as to why the music has so much significance. Music can be comforting, therapeutic, relaxing, sensual.

It can sooth frayed nerves and make you forget some of your worries. It can help you recall the good times and help you through the bad times. Getting up and dancing around, even in the privacy of your own home, to a song that maybe brings back memories of times gone by is definitely helpful to your frame of mind.

I even admit to sometimes getting out of my car, while stopping to get coffee along my travels, and dancing around to Pharrell Williams's song "Happy". Or simply sitting around with a good book and having one of the classics from a century or so ago playing soothingly in the background can help leave your cares behind for a while. For those people lucky enough to be able to play music, whether this be the piano, a saxophone, a guitar or even a xylophone, again the process of playing a tune, of concentrating on what you are playing, of enjoying the sounds which originate, can take you away to a special place, somewhere from where your worries have been banished and the pleasures of creativity can wash over you.

So, next time you are feeling down, reach for your music selection or your instrument and enjoy yourself for however long it takes to lift your spirits, to get you feeling good about yourself, get your emotions soaring, and face the world with a brighter face!

Music can do this like nothing else, so what are you waiting for… go for it! The perks of being a wallflower. Life can be confusing sometimes, in all different ways. We can go through bad times, and things that we'll never really understand. Why do these things happen? How do we fit in to the whole picture? It's important to have faith, that the universe is unfolding as it should. It's important to be able to live in the moment, in the moments, as much as we can. So, if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me.

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