Just want sex times classifieds

just want sex times classifieds

The likelihood of Soria being traded increases with each scoreless appearance by the veteran right-hander, who has 11 saves in Anthony Carroll, 30, of Alabama is charged with reckless homicide in connection with a fatal crash April 10 in the Calumet Heights neighborhood.

Jacques Rivera spent 21 years in prison for the murder of Felix Valentin before Rivera gained his freedom and was exonerated. A man was wounded in a shooting Wednesday morning in the Fernwood neighborhood on the Far South Side. The man was standing at 3: Anti-union groups that helped propel the Janus case are expected to pour big money into campaigns to convince workers to leave those unions. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, giving President Donald Trump the chance to cement conservative control of the high court.

Kawano worked at the same job until he was 88, and you have to wonder when something like that will happen again. By Miriam Di Nunzio. Hopkins demands overnight closing of Chicago Ave. Rauner has Janus victory, but not clear it will translate to votes. By Darlene Superville AP.

Kanye West, Parkland students make Time's list of 25 influential Internet people The magazine sized up contenders for its annual list by looking at their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. Cubs 'searching' again in June, but they trust the switch will be there to flip By Gordon Wittenmyer. Man accused of driving mph before crash that killed woman on sidewalk By Matthew Hendrickson.

Four boys were among those shot; ages 11, 13, 15 and Jackson died Wednesday morning after a battle with cancer. Stuff that makes us healthy is mostly the same stuff that makes us intelligent.

But this article is written specifically with the purpose of helping all of us enhance our intelligence. There is another, deeper, more interesting reason why I spent all the time writing this. It will become obvious by the end.

Do not mindlessly copy this. I do most of these things with a team of MDs with decades of medical experience led by Peter Attia , one of the top health-optimization doctors in the world. If you read some of his articles on heart disease prevention , cholesterol , how ketosis enhances athletic performance , and why whether you are fat is not truly about calories you will appreciate the depth of thinking that goes into our decisions.

Peter and his team really go after any of their recommendation with the same level of tenacity and dedication. In particular, we do thousands of tests and know that our interventions do not carry much risk for me.

But all of us have different bodies. This means your risks may be higher. I am just a guy from the Internet. I am not responsible for your health and am not telling you to follow my advice blindly.

Here we will just list the highlights. Even minor sleep deprivation sleeping 6—7 hours ; circadian shift changing sleep time by 1—2 hours a day from one night to the next ; or reduction in Deep NREM or REM sleep reduce our intelligence in the following ways:. Besides pretty sure most of us will know the above to be true from personal experience. I for one feel like a moron in the afternoon after undersleeping. In other words, sleep is a major opportunity for intelligence enhancement.

It impacts many other things. And for most of us, sleep quality is poor. So sleeping better means spending more time asleep , in the right sleep phases , at the right and consistent time of the day.

The first thing to do is measure. Peter, other leading health-optimizers and I recommend the Oura ring. The reason we prefer this particular device is that it gives far more accurate data than all the wristbands. Skin thickness, skin color, and contact tightness are all more favorable on fingers in terms of blood flow analysis.

Each night of bad sleep permanently damages us and we can never fully recover that damage. Part of the damage is to the apparatus of sleep itself, which over time makes us stupid and ages and kills us. Many of us do not want to make the changes to our social lives, dating etc. It is a matter of priorities. You want to go to the club, or you want to not have Alzheimers.

Constant stress truly hurts everything: Makes memory crap [ 1 ]. Interferes with hormonal systems [ 1 ]. It ages and kills us in many ways[ 1 2 ]. In other words, constant stress makes us fucking stupid. Anything we can do to reduce it is a big win. Here are the specific tools I found useful for this:. Escitalopram is extremely safe even in large doses [ 1 ] especially for me because I have genes that are associated with significantly higher positives and lower negatives of this specific drug.

There are also studies out there that claim even the latest, best antidepressants are bad for you [ 1 ].

My medical team is skeptical of those studies. Conclude that the AD group has a small difference in some kind of risk, and PR this to gullible media.

This is bullshit, not science. My doctors take SSRIs themselves and make no money from prescribing them to me. So I trust their conclusions. We can be completely non-religious and do not need to believe in any mystical bullshit that meditation is sadly surrounded with. Once we are good at meditation, it provides very concrete applied hacks we can use. Here are some I use every day:. And it feels like in meditation I only just scratched the surface although I meditated incorrectly for 5 years.

It is already easy for me to control my emotions. Additionally, I saw material enhancements for stress resistance from things described in other sections.

Last important point on stress: Stress and fear increase the size and power of the amygdala the part of our brain where fear is generated , which in turn makes it easier for us to be stressed and afraid. We can get better, but it takes time and effort. Actively work on keeping stress levels low.

It makes us significantly smarter. Apology to the female half of the audience. This section is male-oriented. That is what I know and optimize for. I just hire fashion models to fuck in order to save time on dating and focus on other priorities.

I think of sex as something similar to exercise, meditation, or food. Another physiological need to be addressed in a time-efficient way; another tool to enhance health talking about safe sex obviously and intelligence. There are many reasons why sex is useful for intelligence:. Getting great sex takes too much time and energy:. My solution at this point in life is simple:. I get to have sex with women I find very attractive, whenever I feel like it.

All the psychological and physiological value of sex, with very little time or emotional cost. Sex with 3 girls at once. Yoga teacher from Venezuela. Model covered in amazingly cool tattoos. Swing club in Prague. I like my life full of interesting experiences.

In reality awesome sex just needs the right biochemical buttons pressed. A lot of you do the stuff I do quietly. Or fantasize about doing it. Just do it openly. You will look confident and empowered. The world does not get to tell you not to do what you want.

BTW, I do think that the right long-term relationships can be amazing and valuable. I want these to be honest and based on a genuine connection. Fix them, it improves mood, energy and health. And generally makes life awesome. For reasons related to modern life stress, poor sleep, pollution etc. This is hard to fix without expensive professional help and testing.

But it is really worth exploring. The general idea is:. Boosted both via targeted interventions described in my previous post. This improved mood and boosted energy in quite a material way. Plus testosterone is quite important for Social Intelligence explained in a later section.

It increases confident, aggressive, dominant behavior as well as willingness to take risks. The associated body language and behaviors make it easier to get people to listen to what you say and do what you want. I do this nearly every day. There is very wide scientific consensus that IF is great for you. Basically it makes us smarter, saves valuable time and makes us healthier.

Think of how big of an advantage it is to have an additional hour of sharp focus a day for 30 years. And we will live longer! It is also natural. All that stupid shit about eating breakfast and eating 5 times a day ignores the very obvious question: This is really a no-brainer.

A bit hard at first, but the body and mind adapt quickly. Because guess fucking what? Evolution designed you to mostly eat fat! A simplified explanation of ketosis is that we are switching our bodies into burning fat rather than glucose.

This requires eating nearly all our calories from fat, and can be measured quite precisely via finger blood sticks. The fundamental argument why ketosis is good is as follows:. There is a great deal of evidence that suggests ketosis is advantageous. The problem is that ketosis is very hard in the modern world.

Much harder than intermittent fasting. When I took their ketone ester note: Hopefully both will get better. I really like the effects I perceived so far, as well as the science behind ketone health benefits. Will probably take this every day on top of my on-and-off keto diet.

This likely contributes to intelligence via hormonal systems, sleep, stress control etc. Many things require deep, focused work. Switching contexts is expensive. If we are distracted from writing code by a 5-minute phone call we do not lose 5 minutes, we might lose hours of excellent work.

Every time a notification, a phone call, a YouTube video distract us, our neural networks get rewired. We become more distractible. Less able to focus. More addicted to these things. Modern tech and media are deliberately designed to make us addicted. Couple quotes from top Facebook executives about this:.

This is not limited to social applications. The news media, from Buzzfeed to the New York Times, are overhyping threats, optimizing clickbait-y headlines, and generally doing everything they can to make us care about things that are actually totally fucking irrelevant to our lives. And directly makes us more stressed, negative, stupid people. Do you really want to spend your days and limited attention resources worrying about what Kim Jong-Un will do?

If you think worrying about Kim Jong-Un in fact does provide value, I challenge you to post in the comments a list of specific decisions that reading the political news helped you make in , and what concrete, valuable outcomes resulted from these decisions.

Here are some ideas on how we can approach this challenge:. Some of you might feel this is extreme and not worth the time investment.

Track how many hours you waste away on procrastination, social media, news articles etc. For me that number used to be several hours a day and is now approaching zero.

Our investment in controlling our infospace pays for itself many times over. And it is easy once habituated. This section is also the reason I choose not to have children. None of us will disagree that children are extremely distracting, disrupt sleep for years; are generally a massive cost of time, focus and energy; and have material risks of not working out, for reasons outside our control.

There is no point in passing on our genes once we can live forever ourselves and there are good reasons to think some of us will do so. We can have other meaningful long-term projects. And if we ever feel lonely we can take MDMA with friends or boost our hormones and neurotransmitters. True happiness is in our biochemistry state. We can have it without intermediate steps.

Bad news for the high-IQ introverts amongst us. Donald Trump is significantly smarter than we are. In fact, he is demonstrably one of the most intelligent men in the world. He repeatedly survived through bankruptcies that would have destroyed most of us if we were in his place. Played the media like a fiddle. Became president of the US.

He has been achieving for decades things that the majority of us would very much like to achieve. This is not an endorsement of him. And it is based in SI. An understanding of human emotional buttons.

That the human brain equates attention and credibility. For those of us with high social intelligence, it was always obvious Trump would win. We should recognize that Social Intelligence is far, far, far more powerful than IQ. The reason Social Intelligence is so powerful is that it scales. A high IQ and ability to debate with formal logic is useful too of course.


Just want sex times classifieds

The Times is a British daily (Monday to Saturday) national newspaper based in London, .. As described by Fleming in From Russia, with Love: "The Times was the only paper that Bond ever read." . "We Need a Faith: E.H. Carr, –" pages 36–39 from History Today, Volume 33, August page 37; Jump up. 22 Jan They were mostly unmoved when the screen displayed only men. .. “I wanted everybody to have great sex,” she told me, recalling one of her. One thing is that I don't reach a climax when I'm having sex with a client. You want to satisfy him, and he takes the time to make sure that you feel good too. WHERE TO FIND PROSTITUTES LOCANTO CASUAL ENCOUNTERS