Looking for just sex fling finder review

looking for just sex fling finder review

Not only is Fling the best site for true and real relationships.. I have met some beautiful people that would have remained outside my life if I hadn't dived in and taken on board all that fling has to offer.

To all the Admin staff and to the owners and developers I am truly grateful. I met a beautiful and truly sincere person here And not just one, but many. Just keep doing what you do best. Fling has changed me completely! The admin team are helpful, responsive and friendly, with quick responses to queries and questions.

Reasonably priced, there is also a trial membership available for you to get a feel for the site before upgrading. Photo's are approved very quickly when added to either folder. Interface is easy to use and there are plenty of help guides available if you get stuck. A great community feel to the chat room and blog boards, with no topic too taboo for discussion. Any troublemakers are dealt with quickly and fairly, with admin reviewing both sides of the story.

Love this site, its helped me open up and become the amazing woman I am today. For anyone that loves to chat or be sexual in a non judgmental environment, I recommend Fling! More than just sex though that's to be had in abundance too! Been on the site since Feb. Quick, easy registration with trial membership available; all you can do on the site is listed on the tab to your right. Safe and fast route to meeting in person. Site admin is always open to suggestions and replies fast! I've had lots of laughter and more travel than I ever imagined from the out-of-state contacts and about-quarterly drink parties.

As someone who was new to Oz, this is my window to life in Australia. From passing acquaintances to lifelong friends and all the mini adventures in between, I'm experiencing it. Better for Girls that want to chat than guys that want to meet. If you are a guy and dont have a wicked body its hard to get your personality through so it ends up being a superficial site. If you are a girl go for it your ego will thank you as horny boys will give you all the attention you want I cancelled my paid subscription to this site.

It seems to be more of a chat-based social club for young singles than anything else. I have no interest in the inane drivel that fills the chat-rooms, so it turns out to have been a total waste of time for me. I knew chat was available, but I didn't realise it was required - if I had known that I would not have joined. I have not had even one response to any of the 50 or 60 messages I've sent to women whose profiles indicate compatibility. And when I was checking the chat rooms regularly, I never saw anyone with a compatible profile.

When I politely asked in my now-deleted blog if someone in my situation older, married, not interested in chat was perhaps unsuitable for this site, I was a bit shocked and angry at the hostile tone in some of the replies - particularly from a couple of people who seem to be involved in the running of the site.

Apparently such questions are not well tolerated on this site. It seems the standard refrain of 'Be yourself' is disingenuous - I think what they really mean is 'Be like us, or get lost'. Ok, message received, I left. Not exactly the friendly atmosphere people like to say is found there, though, is it? One of the replies did, however, indicate that married members are not likely to get a lot of interest - which was one of the points I raised in my initial blog question.

There are some fantastic people on FlingFinder. The chatrooms can become really addictive and you can easily stay up all night chatting. Im a single mum so its a great place for me to go to after the kids have gone to bed and have some fun. Ive met an awesome guy and ive made a really close female friend that lives nearby that i hang out with regularly now. I recommend FlingFinder to anyone that wants to meet new people and try something new.

Loving my time here. Easy to find your way, and if you know how to talk to people, very easy to find a niche within this community, rather than be shelved on yet another site. The negative feedback can easily be traced back to poor etiquette within the site, or a profile with no pics or information on it. It's funny as a guy to watch other guys [censored word removed] about not getting responses, I've found that they come with time and revealing more than your [censored word removed] to a woman here.

I'll agree with some of the other comments here, people who cause trouble within the site are dealt with fairly and justly.

There is a sense of community here, and if you are being a [censored word removed], just as in real life, you will come up against resistance. Does not live up to the hype of being fake free. The best site I have seen. I have had a very positive experience with this site. Here, friendships are formed as well as long term relationships.

Members from this site usually organise get-togethers in each state in which all members are welcome to attend. A great site, one of the few good ones. I have been a member for over 9 months now, and during that time have met a number of amazing people.

I've met people for coffee, and created relationships that will last a long time. I've even hooked up with a few ladies, and overall enjoy it a lot, and will for quite some time to come. I have no complaints about it, and of the few websites I've paid for and tried, Flingfinder by far surpasses all the others I've tried. No fake profiles, and if they are.. The chat room is great, and actually lets you see people if they allow you and interact with you on a personal level rather than just sending emails back and forth.

Excellent User friendly site. I joined over a year ago, have meet some wonderful people. I like the security checks in place, also people have to ask permission to view your cam, which you can give or deny access, so your in control who views you. Overall I believe that Flingfinder will be the BEST dating site for aussies available because it is filtered, its cheaper, and it has bigger and better features than any other site out there.

The people are real, the chat is monitored by moderators, even the owner pops in for a chat. Two thumbs up for Flingfinder! It's only going to get bigger and better with more and more people joining. Highly recommend it to anyone who is genuine and wanting to have a great experience with online dating I have been a member of flingfinder for over a year and find it a great place to make new friends, both in the virtual world and in the real world.

There's a vast array of personalities - mostly friendly. The flingfinder staff are very professional and care about their members. Trouble makers are dealt with to keep it nice and friendly. I have been on a few of these style of sites and so far I honestly have found Fling Finder to be the best.

Fake profiles are non existant as the admin keep a watchful eye out and deal with such profiles instantly. I have noticed that the site is constantly being upgraded and the admin actually ask the members in chat if they like or dislike the changes. I really feel the people that run this site actually enjoy what they are doing, as the site has a really good vibe to it.

Fling Finder to me is an instantly more friendly and credible dating site due to their emphasis on chat, the photo contest and member blogs. The chat rooms are extremely active, especially in the evening and it has been a good experience for me to meet new people. Hi all, I was a single 30yr old mum of two kids, I also live out of town. Meeting new people can get a little tricky when you take all that into account.

I started surfing the net and did something I thought I would never do, yep I joined the world of internet dating: I put a profile up on at least 4 sites, and I must admit it was more so I could have a look around but I'm open to all possibilities, never say never. Most of them were absolute shite, sending 'matches' that weren't even nearby or completely out of touch with my situation ie looking for someone with no kids pffft! Than through another site I discovered flingfinder so I checked it out, it was only just starting up and really to be honest I put up a profile because there was a prize offered.

But oh man was I glad I did. I needed a laugh and adult interaction and I found that in spades here. So come on you people reading this, register now and this platform could be a swingin', hot to trot, all night every day "hoot n nanny".

No contacts with photos i got suspended and can not get back on unless i pay to upgrade. Shocking site, very few profiles; it shouldn't be allowed to operate and take money. Any body can make multiple profiles. All you need for this site is a valid email address, whats stopping someone from making multiple profiles with different email addresses, Answer All any one needs to do is take a picture of a person in the street without them knowing then load that picture on to the site.

Theres nothing stopping any one from doing it. So Fling finder saying there are no fake profiles is a load of crap. The other thing is for paid membership you have to go thru Pay Pal the site dosent have their own card facilities. Some real profiles but simply not enough to stand a chance for a hook up. Signed-up for a paid account for three months, reached out to over persons but it seems to me that the girls willing to send you a picture or open up the profile for reviewing all the pictures are really struggling to get someone in real life due to their looks.

Cancellation process was easy. One of the best, and I've tried them all. Does require a bit of effort if you're a guy. I've been a member of FF for years precisely because it is so genuine. In all that time I've found only one fake profile, and it was removed by admin within minutes of me reporting it.

So have I met many women on FF? Absolutely, but it takes a bit of effort. I spend time in the chat room getting to know the other members which I enjoy anyway and send a LOT of messages. Also be prepared to add some photos to your profile if you want any action. I see members complaining that they don't get any responses when they have no photos and about 2 lines of text in their profile. Seriously, how do they think it works - women just pic guys at random??

This isn't the biggest dating site out there I hope it grows a lot bigger - then it's an easy 5 stars but it's a lot of fun and the woman are genuine. This is just another scam site, fake profiles, fake pics, and all the good reviews are scams and fraud, don't waste your money and time, this is a scam site.

Doubts about some profiles. I am a current member who can see the pros and cons of this site. The one issue is the males have to pay for subscription which includes access to the chatroom where as a female can be a trial member can still accee it without paying.

Maybe to attract females that's the only way. The chatrooms are hardly ever used or has a lack of numbers in it. The previous reviewer is spot on in regards to the chatrooms. But it is split into 3 sections including a adult room for terms of sex and the like. Some profiles either don't get used anymore or are fakes. You do meet people but most are from interstate.

Never met a local which is also a negative. Can be good with improvement but better then some others that are around. Too many rules for an adult dating site. As the title states to many rules for a online dating site. Expensive, no wonder people have left. Used to be a member. Can say I've met more people, after leaving the site. Chat room was full of boring people who liked to talk about the weather. There was never any sex. Far to many clique groups. I can see this site going down hill very quickly.

Waste of time even the reviews are questionable. Signed up to see if this site was different, sent out loads of winks and have heard nothing Despite the site claiming that there are no fake profiles, there are.

Enough that just flicking through a few pages of profiles and you'll start to see the same pictures recurring, only that the profiles associated with the pictures will have completely different details. When I noticed this, I put a complaint in with Paypal stating that the product was not as it claimed. Oodlum Pty Ltd, the parent company, responded saying there's no fake profiles, but immediately deleted my account.

There's almost no users on this site. Social Networking and Dating. It's like a little community and a lot of friendships have been formed there.

You can write blogs, chat in the chatrooms, and be part of an online community. The cool thing is that everyone in that community is likeminded and there for dating aswell. Unfortunately though, some of the guys think we'll date anyone and everyone The admin team seem to really care about the members too.

They always accept feedback and they also take fake profiles seriously. I have reported a few and they have been removed. Site is lazily designed, lacks a large amount of options other sites offer, no value for money, billing system and complaints side is handled by a robot rather than a person. Somehow I believe that the site was made with fake profiles just to take money and run, once you question where the money has gone there is nothing but ignorant replies.

Like throwing your money away? Should have been ad-supported instead of paid for. Not enough members, Not worth the money.

... Read our Reviews about the best legit fling sites we tested in UK and avoid fake dating sites and scams. If you are looking for some casual adult fun, you don't want to waste your time on sites that aren't going to get Through all of our research we only found 5 fling dating sites that are even worth your time. Sex Finder. moleya.eu: 41 customer reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Search in a broad range of categories met with one response only not any . But it is split into 3 sections including a adult room for terms of sex and the like. And as for Tinder, sure, it can be used for swiftly finding a one-night stand, but there are intricacies of a longer-term relationship, or you're just looking for a little low-stakes fun tonight, you need a quick, surefire way to find a quality fling. The app also promises that it reviews each profile manually which may be feasible. Looking for just sex fling finder review

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