Meeting women for sex high class escorts

meeting women for sex high class escorts

One day she imagined she might settle down and live the lifestyle with a huge house in White Fields and pampered children. And 18 months ago she even married one of her wealthy clients. There will always be someone who will find out what you did. But her life took an unexpected turn when, nine months after she began working as a Secretary, she lost her job.

He sounded very nice and we arranged to meet later that day at his office in Brigade Road. Certainly, I had no idea then she was an Escort too. But my debts, home Loan in SBI were mounting up and in the end the money was too tempting. Within months Sandhiya Rani had not only cleared her debts in SBI but was renting a luxury flat in Indra Nagar where, over the next few years, she entertained hundreds of men.

Others sadly just wanted someone to talk to. But the majority wanted no-strings sex. And for some men this means treating you any way they want.

One man lashed out as soon as I walked into the room, knocking me out cold. Others would pull you around or rip your clothes. But even wealthy men can be revolting sexually and there were many times I had to grit my teeth, mentally distance myself and just get on with it.

It devastated them to think their daughter was selling herself. Then in January she met Satish. A manager of a big company, he was good-looking and chatty. But the past continued to haunt them. I know for a fact that these men never change. But as you get older you realize what a seedy business it is. You can also look back and see how mentally damaging it is. Woman cannot be both an independent high class escort and a wife. Combine this with the fact that marriage can be an important source of income for women, and it follows that prostitution must pay better than other jobs to compensate for the opportunity cost of forgone marriage market earnings.

Of course, prostitution exists in many forms in Bangalore, a lot of which no doubt involve the horrendous abuse of vulnerable women, often cruelly linked to tragic human trafficking. The lower end of the industry is, unarguably, scandalous, crime ridden and appallingly damaging.

However, at a different, higher level, outright condemnation of prostitution is less simple and denies the reality that some women voluntarily choose Escorting as a means of earning a considerable income.

We provide a safe environment where they can earn, for themselves, around one lac a month for 21 days work. This is equivalent to the salary of a leading chief executive in Bangalore city. In the case of the Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, which has been running for four years now, security, privacy and discretion are of vital importance. All the girls have extensive, three weekly medical checks and 24 hour access to a lawyer.

Drugs are forbidden, all the girls are voluntary and Bangalore Girl Friend Experience prides itself on repeat business. She is 28 with an easy, attractive manner.

She prefers to work within the secure and discreet clients of Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and rarely goes out to hotels for appointments, although this can be more profitable. Sandhiya Rani is studying interior design at the moment and hopes to stop working as an independent high class escort soon. These evidentially earn in excess of one lac a night, In the hypocritical, upside-down world of individual morality, it is all too easy to reactively condemn voluntary prostitution.

In fact, there are compelling practical arguments to suggest that legalization and regularization may actually help to clean up an industry which, at its worst, is diabolical and at best a necessary and unstoppable service. Top tips for Wives Keep an open mind about sex and be prepared to talk about what he wants. Be a lady outside the bedroom and a whore inside one Never, for one moment, believe that any man is completely faithful. She claims to be nineteen but looks in her late twenties.

She has raven black hair, beautiful skin, intelligent eyes and a truly stunning figure. Sandhiya Rani makes direct eye contact, is confident and assured. She has a reputation as someone who is very independent. Once, I had sex with 4 men in one day but that that was too much for me. I am always in demand in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and we have a lot of clients in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience who keeps coming back to me or who recommend me to others.

I am special because I am very beautiful and there are not many independent high class escorts like me.

Because of this I can easily earn one lac a month if I want to work hard. My life philosophy is to try everything at least once, and do the things I truly loved again and again.

Considering my fearless attitude, outgoing personality, sexual curiosity, and genuine interest in good people leads me to where I am today in Bangalore, I expect my companion to be at least a little adventurous and curious about the world also.

I always look for the very best in the new friends at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience that I meet and like to frequent myself with the type of gentlemen who always try and show their best. I love meeting new interesting and exciting people and prefer to cater to upscale gentlemen who know how to treat a lovely lady no matter if she is an independent high class escort with respect. If you are a person of taste and class who longs to be in the company of a beautiful, articulate and sensual woman that can bring to you the simple It's very important to me that you enjoy our time together as much as I do and there will be no doubt that I enjoy what I do.

I need to feel comfortable in any situation and will make you feel comfortable as well. I like the nightlife in Bangalore. Your time with me will be an unforgettable experience You can count on my undivided and personal attention in any aspect of our time together. You will be royalty in my eyes and treated to all the things a man deserves. My companion services include exclusive and discreet escort companionship to gentlemen in need of special attention.

I am a bit of a naughty flirt and enjoy showing off for you both in public and in private. You can expect to be welcomed with a sexy, warm, and pleasing smile, a gentle hug, a very adventurous and enthusiastic personality, intelligent meaningful conversation, and lots of special attention. I consider myself to be an "exclusive companion", meaning that I am a lady of the highest caliber, here for you to share your experiences with, and tell me your innermost, secret fantasies.

I would not expect you, as the client, to accept anything less from me as an elite escort. The more respect you show me, the more I will have to offer you, but as far as consenting adults, we can be as naughty as hell. You will immediately find me to be charming, elegant and classy, but in private you will find that I excel in the skills of slow seduction. I promise to make your days more adventurous, and your nights more pleasurable.

I enjoy being a true fantasy independent high class escort and will provide those special moments you have just been dreaming about forever. They tend to be doctors, lawyers, and businessmen looking to get away for a few hours in the middle of the day. Almost all of my clients are married. I'm not trying to justify this business, but these are men looking for companionship. They are generally not men that couldn't have an affair [if they wanted to], but men who want this tryst with no strings attached.

They're men who want to keep their lives at home intact. I rarely got the opportunity to find out if the wives were okay with it, but I did see several couples, so I assume they were okay with it. Do you know the real names of your clients? I insist that they give me their full names and their place of work so that I can contact them there before we meet.

I also check their identification when we meet. I also use verification companies, which assist escorts in verification of clients. These companies do the verification of the client and put them in a database so that when the client wants to meet with a girl for the first time, he doesn't have to go through the verification process again.

For a fee, I can call in and they will tell me if the client has a history of giving the girls problems, where he works, and his full name. If I was touring then there were extra expenses such as travel costs, hotels, and more advertising costs. Being an escort provided me with many opportunities that I'm not sure I would have gotten if I had not been an escort.

That said, my choice to become an escort had a definite cost associated with it beyond the advertising, photos, and websites. I believe it is close to impossible to have a healthy relationship while working. So it can be a lonely life. In addition, hiding my job from my friends and family proved to be difficult for many reasons. How do you think prostitution would change if it were legalized?

Would you want your own child to become a prostitute? If the social and legal ramifications were gone, I think that being an escort might be like being a therapist I have never been a therapist, so my knowledge is obviously limited. Like most escorts, a therapist sells his or her skills by the hour. A therapist also has to meet people for the first time not knowing who is walking in the door.

Many have their own offices and work alone. In addition, the session is generally private and requires discretion. I imagine that many times therapists have patients that they like and some they don't. A therapist's revenue, like almost all other occupations, probably increases if the client feels that the therapist likes them. I don't mean to imply that I have the skills of a trained therapist, or to in any way demean what they do; I'm just observing some obvious similarities.

If I had a child, I would hope that they would feel empowered, and have the opportunity to do whatever they desire to do, and that they would be in charge of their own sexuality. This job has its downsides, though, and can take a high toll on a person. I know that it's made many aspects of my life and my relationships more difficult. So, like any parent, I would always want more for my child than I had for myself.

I feel that prostitution should be legal. If a couple meets for dinner and a bottle of wine, and have sex, that's a date.

If they meet for dinner and a bottle of wine, and have sex, with money in an envelope left on the dresser, that's illegal.

... The irony is, I wrote about how we'd become the poorest men in history. All the girls have extensive, three weekly medical checks and 24 hour access to a lawyer. They're just too self absorbed to think about men like she does. Are clients required to be tested beforehand? One day I decided to enter the occupation of "escort" on an online instant messaging profile. I suspect she herself will be married to one of these "clients", but the non-escorts she knows won't be, and she'll be hearing about how "No men in my age group want to be married, this is a huge problem! And I'm sure we all share an experience just like mine: Meeting women for sex high class escorts


In the sense that I can have sex with a hot, something instead of an A hot young naked woman stimulating my genitals works pretty well, but that is just the P4P is not exactly dating; it's more like a very good one-night stand. so he thinks paying for sex with a high class escort is the same as visiting the MoMA. 9 Jun This woman gave up her career to become a high-class escort 'I love the company of men, I love sex and I thought I might as well be paid to. 17 May _ In SuperFreakonomics, we profiled a high-end escort whose . If they meet for dinner and a bottle of wine, and have sex, with money in an.